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August 2017


Respectful • Empowerment • Athletic • Leadership

Our program is trying to "step up the level," by accommodating older youth - young men and women ages 18-25 - to be a part of our Kicks for Kids Worldwide United Soccer Mentoring program. We have found that having work in training and mentoring these kids from ages 4-18, they achieved so much and many do have skills which can qualify them to be a part of Major League Soccer but because the guiding factor is not there they do not even get the opportunity to even talk to a scout for trials.
In many ways this has caused too many of our local talent to fall by the wayside, getting involved with things they should not or enticed by the wrong crowd and can make them very hard to restore.
We are launching a new program called "KINGS for KIDS" which will allow every young man or woman ages 18-25 to be a part of a program that will be guiding and aiding the youth with assistance in recreation, education, health, wellness, and safety. At the said time they will have an opportunity to give back to the younger ones by way of mentoring.
We do have many young men and women in our Country and local communities who are underprivileged and  can be considered MLS products and for this cause, we do not want their talent and skills to go to waste. Our new program will be going out and knocking on these doors that are so often closed in their faces, get them open and seek fair playing opportunities in the soccer world.
On Thursday, August 3, 2017, we will be gathering at the Monroe Middle School Dream Filled Field, 474 Monroe Avenue, Columbus, at 6:00pm and we are asking you be the first to get the coverage and help us spread this message.

July 2017

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February-March 2017



Kick for Kids WUSAY recently lost its location where indoor activities were held. Specifically, we are need of indoor facilities for classrooms, training and games. We are currently looking for a new place to call home, and are asking the community to help us. Do you know of a good place? For further information and leads, call us at 614-258-4357, or email at



Kicks for Kids would like to extend our sincere thanks to Lowe's Home Improvement for making the kids' backyard garden training area possible for these many years.



November-December 2016


In conjunction with Obesity Month September 2016, we the Kicks for Kicks Soccer Mentoring Program showcased KICKOBESITY during the month of September with program partners and printing T-shirts. Our goal was to print a larger amount of T-shirts than previous year’s total of 5,000 to be distributed throughout the city of Columbus, Ohio. We hoped to have sponsors help cover the cost of the awareness. 

All interested persons or sponsors can contact any Kemba, CME, or PNC financial institution for funding guidelines.



Kicks for Kids will not deny a child from the things he/she deserves. Every child can advance going forward to score their goal! Yeah, it’s a BIG DEAL.

P rofessionalism

R espect

I  ntegrity

D iscipline

E nlighten


Do not be so open minded, that your brains fall out.


A true soldier fights not because he/she hates what is in front of him/her, but because he/she loves what is behind him/her. (Players, think about this and remember you are a team player).


Life is not about escaping - life is about expecting.


Parents we know you love your kids.

Please don't help us coach them on game day.

Game day is about trusting and tying in with the training.

Our coaches don't coach on game day, so please allow us to lead.


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